The MAA CZE Director is responsible for the area of military aviation to the extend determined by Act No 49/1997 Coll., Act No 219/1999 Coll., and other legal regulations.

The Director lays down the medium and long-term strategy of the Department, pinpoints priorities in the field of safety standards in military aviation, defines principles with other entities and represents military aviation of the Czech Republic at the international level.

Director MAA CZE

Colonel Václav Čermák

Professional Career:

1986 – 1990    student, cadet, AF Academy, Czechoslovakia

1990 – 1994    pilot, 9 and 11 Fighter Aviation Regiment

1995                senior pilot, 4 Fighter Air Force Base

1995 – 1999    test pilot, Aeronautical Test Department

1999 – 2003    head of Systems Simulation Section, Centre for Stress Research

2003 – 2011    chief senior inspector, General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces

2011 – 2023    head of Aircrew and Air Navigation Services Section, MAA-CZE, MoD

2023 +            director, MAA-CZE, MoD