The Department of Supervision over Military Aviation of the Czech Republic (MAA-CZE), commonly known as Military Aviation Authority (MAA), is a body for the execution of the state administration and the Ministry of Defence standard-setting regulator for the area of military aviation. The MAA-CZE involvement in the civil-administrative part of the Ministry is a guarantee of independence.

The overriding task of the MAA-CZE is to maintain a high level of safety in military aviation in a broad spectrum of aviation activities and users of military aeronautical engineering.

The MAA-CZE carries out this task through the implementation of general aeronautical standards in such a manner that the rules accepted in military aviation conform to civil standards in the highest possible degree and at the same time enable to accomplish a wide range of tasks of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic in both peacetime and the period of crisis situations. The Authority also carries out the supervision over the observance of standards in force and the functionality of the safety management system in military aviation.

One of the important principles of the MAA-CZE activities is permanent intensification of cooperation with other aviation authorities and active participation in aviation committees and working groups not only at the inter-department level but also the international level.

The MAA-CZE defines and provides oversight of the fulfilment of the requirements placed upon military aeronautical personnel, military aeronautical engineering and procedures carried out as well as military aviation as a system unit. The Authority organizational structure is in accord with the above-mentioned functions that the MAA-CZE performs; individual tasks are assigned to the following sections:

Aircrew and Air Navigation Services (AANS) Section

Aircraft Engineering Section

Aeronautical Ground Facilities and Services Section