Meeting of military aviation authorities of Hungary and the Czech Republic

Certificate of recognision CZE-HUN_illustrative_image.jpg
  • 4.7.2024
  • Oldřich Macháček

A bilateral meeting between the delegations of Military Aviation Authorities (MAA) of the Czech Republic and Hungary has been held on 6th June 2024 within the premises of the Ministry of Defence in Prague. The delegations were led by their respective directors, namely Col Alexandra Halászné Dr. Tóth (HUN MAA) and Col Ing Václav Čermák (CZE MAA) in order to finalize the process of mutual recognition of both the Authorities by undersigning the Certificate of Recognition agreement. The mutual recognition generally allows smoother and simplify processes and procedures referred to certification of military aviation platforms, equipment and systems, manufacturers and operators. Both the authorities would be able to recognize and accept each other’s outcomes of national certification effort in order to increase interoperability within the European, as well as NATO area in the future. 

Both the delegations also visited the AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE, a.s. where an airworthiness certificate of L-39NG platform was officially awarded to the manufacturer. The Authorities were there informed by the form of educational excursion and presentation about company’s history, as well as about current and future projects in domestic and international field.